Sunday, December 10, 2006

Unidentified Flowering Objects

Every so often this summer I came across plants I liked, but couldn't put a name to. Where possible I took a photo so that I could try and identify them later. I've managed with quite a few but I'm still stuck on the four in the photos. Does anyone recognise them?

The first two were taken while I was on holiday in Caorle this August. I fell in love with both of the plants, but especially with the second one. I'm not usually a great fan of foliage plants, but I'd readily find a place on the balcony for this one. I've never seen another plant with quite the same colours, and I loved the contrast between the deep and bright pink. However, despite scouring garden centres and houseplant books, I've not been able to find either of them.

This, on the other hand, is one of the trees in the garden outside the balcony. It's deciduous, but winter is the only time it doesn't look good. Not only does it have an attractive shape and pretty leaves, but in summer (this is another August photo) puts out masses of white flowers. By late September, these have turned to clusters of bright red berries.

Finally, a climber I spotted when I was in Casablanca last month. It still had a lot of flowers even then, though the even greater number of seed pods showed that it was at the end of the flowering season.

Any suggestions?


Unknown said...

The first one looks vaguely familiar, the third one I have no idea, and the fourth one might be a type of "trumpet vine"--if you google that, it may lead you to the right thing.

I can tell you for certain, though, that the second picture is some type of amaranthus tricolor... it looks like the old-fashioned (here) annual "Joseph's Coat," but much better IMHO. Now I need to find some seeds for that one, too!

Sue Swift said...

Yes, you're absolutely right. I've googled it and it's exactly the same. I knew amaranthus caudatus (Love lies bleeding) but would never have linked them. Thank you!
Only three to go ....

Anonymous said...

I believe the plant in the first photo is Pachystachys lutea. I recalled seeing it in a houseplant book. The common name is Golden Shrimp Plant.

Sue Swift said...

Yes! Again I checked on Google and it's identical. Thank you. Anyone recognise the others?

Green thumb said...

The last one looks like Tecoma Stans also known as Yellow Bells or Yellow Trumpet Flower.

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