Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Spring arrived with the beginning of the month and we've had blue skies, bright sunshine and temperatures around 20°C - that's about 68°F - all week. The forsythia is out, and so are all the flowering trees, and the grass is full of little forget-me-nots and violets. The photo is one of the trees in the garden outside the front balcony, taken this morning.

I celebrated by spring cleaning both balconies and putting all the containers back into their summer positions. The perennials and bienniels are all back in growth, and the bulbs are pushing through. I didn't plant my daffodils till December, otherwise they'd probably be out by now- they're all in bud and almost ready. The bulbs include one tub which is going to be a surprise - I forgot to label it, can't remember what I put in there and so far can't recognise it from the shoots. Allium perhaps??? I know I meant to get some, but can't remember if I actually did. A new venture for me this year is some agapanthus. It's not done much so far - there are a couple of small shoots but nothing very exciting. Again, it went in late.

And then I got on with sowing all the annuals for the summer. For some of the more delicate ones, I'm a good month ahead of last year, but with such high temperatures it didn't seem worth holding back. Please, please don't let it change.


brian in the tamar valley said...

i was interested to read about the forsythia because I've just made an entry about that very bush on my blog!

However here in my part of the UK they are always a golden yellow. I'm envying your sunshine and temperatures in Milan because in not so sunny Cornwall its been lashing with rain and blowing a gale with a temperature of about 54F.

In the Tamar Valley huge numbers of daffodils were once cultivated but these have been mostly abandoned with the old fields reverting to woodland but still the daffodils come up - a marvellous sight.

I must get to grips with my digital camera so I can publish a few pictures of them!

Gotta Garden said...

The primrose bowl is a nice surprise pretty and bright! Does sound like spring is here (for you)! Enjoy all the beauty and your mystery planting! You'll have to tell us what it turns out to be!

roybe said...

Hello Sue, Thank you for your visits and concern at my absence, I'm trying to apply a little bit of blog discipline to my life now. What a delightful view the lovely blossom from your balcony. The Primrose colours are very vibrant, it sounds like you're getting that wonderful Spring feeling. I must confess I love to see the images of the European Spring. Happy gardening in the weeks ahead.

Sue Swift said...

Had a great holiday in the Tamar Valley once Brian. I think it was at Saltash, but it's 40 years ago so I may have mis-remembered. It was a beautiful place - hope it hasn't changed.

I love having primroses around in the late winter - they're the first sign of change.

Really pleased to see you back, Roy. Love to the frogs!

Whyite said...

Glad to hear spring had ocoured early for you this year. Maybe it will stay that way.

Good growing

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