Thursday, August 30, 2007

My London Garden

Long time, no post. I spent the whole of August at home in London, doing up the house and garden ready for the next tenants. The house had to be cleaned and decorated throughout, and the garden was full of weeds, so it was pretty hard work. I'd intended to post daily while I was there, but found myself unexpectedly cut off from the internet - I managed to check messages once, early on, when I was at a friend's house, but that was it.

You're probably lucky you didn't get daily posts, though. They'd have read something like this ...

Monday : pulled the borage out of the back lawn.

Tuesday : dug up the right hand bed and pulled out the borage.

Wednesday : weeded the front garden and cleared the borage.

... and so on. You didn't miss much. Most of the time was spent weeding, trimming the hedge, and so on.

The pictures show the garden as I found it. Spot the borage.

1 comment:

quu said...

Hi Sue! :)

Nice to found a lovely comment in my blog! I will add you to my favourite-blogs! :)

Your things in London home sounds just like the visits that I do in my bigger garden.. weeds weeds..

See you soon!

quu from Finland

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