Monday, July 30, 2007

Talking Plants

Do you talk to your plants? OK, silly question. Don't we all ...

But do your plants talk back? I found
this video on the BBC the other day about a device which lets your plants talk to you and tell you when they want food and water. Check it out, it's weird ... The voices are supposed to reflect the personality or type of plant. So what they call a Scotch moss plant (doesn't look much like any sort of moss to me, more like ivy I reckon) gets a Scots accent.

What type of voice would you give your favourite plants? I have some red begonias at the moment that I'm sure would sound like Julie Walters playing Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter films. And the container of antirrhinums would sound like a bunch of squabbling kids. Amaryllis would be far more up market and would be dubbed by someone like Claudia Schiffer. And then the roses - well, the voice of the Queen of course. And they'd tell us of the annus horribilis of blackspot, aphids, drought and not enough fertiliser ...

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