Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Roses

Try as I might (and I have, I have) I can’t grow roses. It’s always the same – after a couple of weeks the lower leaves start to dry, stalk by stalk, and fall off until the whole plant is bare and dies. Is it a virus? Am I over-watering? Is the balcony just too hot and humid for them? I don’t know, but until I find out I’ve given up.

However, as a hangover from the days when I was trying, I still receive the
Barni Roses catalogue to show me what I’m missing. They carry roses from a variety of growers, but the majority of their stuff is their own. If you’re a rose freak, check out their new rose Etrusca, which is the most stupendous apricot colour. It’s one of a collection called Le Toscane, which also contains my all-time favourite Bella di Todi, (the photo on the site doesn’t do it justice). The different collections are listed on the left hand side of the site - if you like old-fashioned roses, look too at Le Farfalle.

I also love their trailing roses and if I ever have a garden again, it’s going to have to have a bank with a low stone wall so that I can grow them.

Meanwhile, back on the balcony the mirabilis jalapa is finally doing itself justice. Don’t know why they call it the four o’clock plant – seven o’clock is more like it for mine. I suppose plants are like people – some of us just take longer than others to get out of bed ….


roybe said...

Sometimes Sue it's "horses for courses" with plants. Nowdays there seems to be varieties of plants produced just for certain conditions. I know here there are only certain Roses will grow because of the humidity. Perhaps your local garden guru can suggest a variety of rose that does well in pots in your climate. Just a suggestion.

Sue Swift said...

Yes - we did ask the man at our local garden centre. But when we described the position etc of the balcony he just shook his head sadly and said "Have you considered bouganvillea?" So I think we may have to abandon hope.

Anonymous said...

Roses in pots on a balcony - not too promising I think. I think that you can't give them enough manure in a pot and also there may not be enough air circulation on the balcony.

Bob said...

I find roses are very particular. I have a couple of roses in pots that I grew on from the miniture ones you buy for the house. When they finished flowering I potted them up in ordinary potting compost and they have grown away and have flowered well. I will post a pic of them in my blog tomorrow if you care to take a look.

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