Monday, January 15, 2007


The photo is from back in November, but it's one I never got around to posting ...

There’s a game of virtual tag circulating the net at the moment, and as I’ve been tagged twice in the past couple of days, I decided I can’t really get out of it. My taggers were
She who digs and James – who’s not a gardener as far as I know but works in EFL as I do, though he also seems to run a thousand and one blogs and sites on different topics.

The idea is that if you’re tagged you have to tell people five things they didn’t already know about you (and probably didn’t want to, but never mind). So here goes. I’ve been racking my brains for things related at least vaguely to gardening, but haven’t come up with much, so you’ll have to put up with some general stuff.

1. Not so much about me, but a memory from school – and this one at least is about gardening. When I was a child London County Council (yes, that long ago) used to give every school child a couple of daffodil bulbs in the autumn and a few candytuft and clarkia seeds in the spring, and there was a competition. You grew your plants in a pot and then they were judged and you got a grade like highly commended or whatever. I bet they don’t do it any more, but what a pity. I remember really enjoying growing them, and who knows how many kids developed an interest in gardening later in life due to that first experience.

2. I used to be very into amateur theatre and when I was at university was one of four local organisers for the National Student Drama Festival – probably one of the best weeks of my life, even though it probably also shortened it considerably. I probably wouldn’t have thought about it except that the other day I found a list on the net of all the past festivals, the performances at each and the organisers. And there I was.

3. I once got vetted by MI6 because I’d been teaching a guy who turned out to be a Bulgarian spy and got thrown out of the country – the spy, not me.

4. I would love to go into outer space and my biggest regret is that by the time space travel is an everyday occurrence, I won’t be.

5. One thing I have to admit – I talk to teddy bears.

Now I have to tag other people who I'd like to know more about – sorry about this folks. So it’s
Carol and John for gardening and Katie for EFL. I think it’s supposed to be five others, but I can’t afford that many enemies ….

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