Saturday, November 17, 2007

Garden Bloggers' Carnival : Day Four

It's the last day of the Garden Blogger's Retro Carnival, and the theme is Added Value - or Ten for the Price of One.

Some people don’t have individual pages for their posts so had to link to an entire archive page. Great – we get more value for one click! Lady Luz linked to last February’s posts – she nominated the post for Feb 15th, but I enjoyed lots of the others too. Check out the picture of the chameleon as you scroll down.

Andee, the gardener in Chacala also linked to an archive page. Go down to the bottom to read about Learning to Garden in Chacala – and some small problems in cross-cultural communication. While you’re getting there - enjoy all the photos.

Carol of May Dreams Gardens has only linked to one post, but in it she links to the ten posts which she feels serve best as an introduction to her blog. So ten for the price of one again!

My contribution? This time last year I was having fun taking scanner photos. So here are some of the photos - ten of them, naturally.

And that's it for this edition of the Garden Blogger's Retro Carnival. Except that I have to end with a confession ... I've lost two links. Somebody sent me links to two posts - one about a porcupine and the other about bugs. And I've lost them. They arrived after the first carnival day, which had wildlife for it's theme, but I was going to include them anyway.I checked the posts out, but must have forgotten to save the message before I cancelled it. If it's you, please send them again - they were great posts. My comments box also went peculiar for a while last month, just as people were submitting links. I hope I got everything, but if you were expecting to see your post and it hasn't appeared - Blogger strikes again. Send them again, and we'll have a postcript day.

I hope you've enjoyed the Carnival - I certainly have. I really enjoyed all the posts, and it was specially nice to come across a few blogs which I'd not seen before. Several people have asked if the Carnival is going to be a regular event. Well, I don't know about regular, but I do have an idea for another one - with a difference. Watch this space!


Carol Michel said...

Thanks for doing this, Sue. I enjoyed the posts!

Andee said...

Hi Sue, thanks for linking my "Gardener in Mexico? blog to the Bloggers Carnival. It was odd to read my old posts, and to see what I was doing in the garden a year ago.

I am off to your are you balcony blog.

thanks, Andee

LadyLuz said...

Hola Sue, A very enjoyable read, thank you for arranging it. Like Andee, it was odd to compare another season.

My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Sue,
Got in on the Carnival a bit late but am eagerly awaiting the next one.
I come from the land of Carnival so I'm always happy to participate in one, even a virtual one. Thanks so much for doing this,

quu said...

Sue! :D

Yeah, finnish is quite hard language..

I'll translate, with my own words:

We were talking about those small black bugs, that are Monkshoods biggest promblem. Problem will solved if Monkshood lives in shady spot and more moist place.

Kuivakukka = dryflower, blue monkshood make amazing dryflowers.

I use this translator:

.. but ask, if you don't understand - I will translate :)

Kasvupaikka = place where plant lives (growing place)

varjoisampaan = more shady varjoinen =shady

kostea = moist
kosteampaan = more moisture

We make words so long ;)

Sue Swift said...

Thanks quu!
Quu's message was in reply to a comment that I left on her blog about some comments in Finnish on the post for 23.11.07. I'd been interested and tried to run them through an automatic translator, and as usual with these things, the result was .... well, visit the blog and see for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

I love scanner art and the Ginko leaves look spectacular.

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