Saturday, November 10, 2007

Garden Bloggers' Carnival - Day Two

Whoops - I promised the carnival would continue immediately after the last post, and didn't make it. A series of small crises intervened - don't they always? Links are still coming in, incidentally, so you still have time to send yours if you want.

Today's theme is - well, growing things. Seems to be a common interest of gardeners ....

Several people sent posts on vegetable gardening. If you’ve never connected growing potatoes with either poetry or the shipping forecast, Melanie of Bean Sprouts can explain, while Jessica of Garden Detective points out that food from your garden doesn’t always have to be specially planted.

Cauliflowers come in all shapes and colours - round, pointy, white green even orange. Patrick of
Bifurcated Carrots discovered the purple variety.

Next time you put mustard on your hot dog, think of Green Thumb of
India Garden. She's been growing her own.

And while it’s not exactly vegetable gardening, some phallic fungi growing over a
funtimehappygardenexplosion set off some philosophical musings ...

That's it for today. The next theme (probably tomorrow but I'm not promising any more) will be winter gardening - you know, what happens about January when you start getting itchy to DO something ....


Green thumb said...

Hi Sue! It is an absolute privilege and an honour to have my post's link in your post-thank you.
Once again the 'Garden Bloggers Carnival' concept is ingenious.

Sue Swift said...

Thank you! I can't claim the credit for the concept though, there have been a lot of carnivals on different topics published already. But thank you for the link - I shall think of you every time I eat mustard!

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