Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The 2007 Christmas Quiz

Christmas is getting close, and for a couple of weeks now Milan has been full of Christmas trees and Christmas lights. This year's Christmas tree in the centre of town is said to be the largest in Italy, so it's a good starting place for this year's quiz. Not sure if this one is tougher than last year's or not. I thought it would be, but when I looked back last year wasn't so easy either. You decide. You'll find the answers below the questions - but no cheating.

1. Like most Christmas trees, the Milan tree is a fir. But what's the genus name of the various species of fir tree?

a) Picea b) Pinus c) Abies d) Taxus

2. Did you get a poinsettia this year? I tend to avoid them as they're far too fussy about temperature for my liking. What temperature range can they stand (approximately)?

a) 10-21° b) 6-25° c) 3-30° d) 12-30°

OK, OK - I'll repeat that in Fahrenheit ...

a) 50-70° b) 43-77° c) 38-86° d) 54-86°

3. Harry Potter's wand has a connection with Christmas plants. Why ?

a) He found it under a Christmas tree. b) It's made of wood from the holly tree. c) It derives its magical properties from the sap of the Poinsettia. d) It contains a mistletoe berry.

4. The use of holly as a Christmas decoration derives from its use in the celebrations surrounding the winter solstice by ...

a) The ancient Sumerians b) The ancient Greeks c) The Celts d) The Romans

5. There are many species of mistletoe and a different species is used in the US at Christmas to the species used in the UK. Which is which?

a) Viscum album b) Phoradendrum serotinum

6. Brussel sprouts, a traditional part of Christmas dinner, are very good for you. Why?

a) They're high in Vitamin C.
b) They contain folic acid.
c) They contain vitamin D.
d) They're low in fat and are only about 10 calories each.

How did you get on ? Scroll down and you'll find the answers. While you're doing it I ought to say that the photo was taken by my son - he seems to get a lot more out of the camera than I can. Thanks sweetheart.

Keep going ...

A bit more ...

OK- here you are.

1c, 2a, 3b, 4b, 5 a - UK, b - US, 6 - all of them!

How did you do ?


Entangled said...

I got 1 through 3 correct, guessed wrong on 4, had no idea about 5, and chose b on 6 but was looking for the "all of the above" option on that one ;-) That was fun!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I got about 1/2 right. I don't know that much about mistletoe & holly, & I don't want to know about Brussel Sprouts! I love that pic of the tree in front of the Duomo. It brought back memories of my honeymoon, when DH & I were on the roof with a group of giggling nuns.

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