Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flowers for Andee

Like me, I'm sure many of you were readers of Andee's Gardener in Chacala blog, and possibly also of her other blog My Life in Chacala. When I think of Andee's posts the first thing that comes to mind is an explosion of colour, photos with bright vibrant reds and oranges, and posts full of a curiousity about and love of people, places, plants and just life in general.

So it was a shock yesterday to discover that Andee has died. I don't know the hows and whys, and they hardly matter, but Sparks contacted me after he'd seen a comment I'd left on Gardener in Chacala telling Andee she'd been nominated for the next carnival. Later, I received another message from Ginger with the same news.

How sad. I'm sad for her, for her family and for us, who will no longer have the joy of reading her posts.

You'll find other tributes to Andee on Thorntree Lonely Planet and on La Gringa's blog. Most of us didn't know her as well as La Gringa, but I think we can still show how much we appreciated her by sending flowers. If you enjoyed her blog and are sad at her passing, join me in republishing one of the flower photos you like best in her memory. I think she would appreciate it.

Andee's last post, on January 5th, included a photo that has stayed in my memory - a palm tree in the light of the full moon. Next time I see a full moon Andee, I shall think of you.

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Wicked Gardener said...

Her death came as a shock to me too. I was really enjoying her blog.

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