Thursday, January 03, 2008

Comments and Carnivals

When we held the carnival last year, several people said they'd like another one - including a few who never got round to participating last time. One of the suggestions was that we hold it in the "real" carnival week, which I've just realised is really early this year - the first week in February. So we need to get on with it.

It would be boring to repeat the same format though - let's have a carnival with a difference. This time, instead of nominating one of your own posts, nominate a post from someone else's blog. Find a post you've really enjoyed - preferably not a very recent one - and send me the link. I'll publish the link itself (after checking with the other person that it's OK), together with a link to the blog of the nominator. You can send it, like last time, using the Comments box, but as Blogger has locked out a lot of people, I'll also give you an E-mail address. I'm not going to write it in E-mail format to avoid being picked up by spammers, so put the following all together into a continuous address, no capital letters and no spaces (but the hyphen stays), and substitute at for the usual symbol : Susan Swift at Business-Talk . IT

I may be wrong, but Blogger also seems to be playing havoc with my comments again, and I'm once more receiving E-mail notification of comments that never appear on my dashboard and comments appearing on the dashboard which never arrive via E-mail. No problem for those, but I'm worried that some aren't making it at all. So, if you've left a comment recently and I've not published it - I'm sorry, I never got it. Has anyone else noticed the same problem?

I came back from my Christmas holidays in Germany yesterday, ahead of the rest of my family as I have to work. And managed to leave the lead to connect the camera to the computer behind. So I can't download any new photos, sorry. You'll have to make do with clipart till next week ...


My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for inviting me. Yes, I would love to participate- so we are on for the week of Feb 4th?
Will send you my link before then,
Happy New Year,

Sue Swift said...

Yes - we're definitely on for the week of the 4th. look forward to getting the link!

Matron said...

Yep! I will join your carnival! might need a reminder... brain like a sieve!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I'll try set aside time to send you a link. As for commenting - well Blogger has come in for a bit of stick lately!

Sue Swift said...

Great - I look forward to getting the links and will nag you all if they don't come soon :)

Some have already arrived - but there's room for lots more. Keep them coming!

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