Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On Bugs ...

Does Blogger have a new bug? A while back, when I was working on another of my Blogger sites I suddenly realised the back button on my toolbar wasn't working. I could click on all the links, but could never get back to the previous page. On other sites it was fine - no problems at all. I didn't really have time to think about it at that moment, so mentally filed it away under "to be investigated" and went on to other things.

And then the other day, I realised it had happened to this site too. (Go on - try it. You're trapped ...) So I started to look at other sites, and lo and behold, other Blogger sites were doing the same thing. Carol, May Dreams Gardens seemed to have got the bug - but I've just checked again and it's fine today. Yolanda Elisabet, Bliss in the Netherlands is affected too. But it's not every Blogger site. Some others seem fine.

For a while I wondered if it was my computer. But no, I tried on another and the same thing happened.

Does anyone know what's going on, and how we fix it? It's a b***** nuisance, both when you're trying to work on the site and when you're trying to read it. So if you are stuck here, my apologies. I didn't set the trap, I promise.

Whilst on the subject of bugs, if you read this blog last year you'll know I was plagued by (read obsessed by) caterpillars for much of 2007. How can they eat so much and do so much damage and avoid predators at the same time. So when I found this David Attenborough clip the other day, I couldn't help but watch. The BBC has opened a series of channels on My Space, and are inviting people to post them to their own sites. So, The Balcony Garden brings you (legally) David Attenborough and the sneakiest caterpillar in the world. The amazing thing is the complexity of the programming that must exist in the miniscule blob of protoplasm that makes up the brain of this tiny creature ...

PS - but an important one : Remember the Garden Blogger's 2008 Carnival? You're still in time to show your appreciation of one of the blogs which you enjoy by nominating it for next week's carnival. It's a great way to say thank you. Click on the link for details.


roybe said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for dropping by, I hope the New year is going well for you. Life gets somewhat busy once Grandchildren come along plus we've got ourselves a little retreat at Tamborine Mountain just south of Brisbane. So the internet has taken a bit of a back seat I'm afraid. I found the caterpillar video quite fascinating, we have lots of trouble with them eating our Hoya leaves. I suppose the secret is to spot the little white eggs before they hatch. Anyway Sue, it was nice to hear from you. Enjoy your coming Sring.

Regards Roy.

Unknown said...

Sue, thanks for visiting--I'm not sure what this Carnival is, because I didn't know about your blog before the past couple of weeks, but i'd like to take part. I should find a post from some blog that I particularly like and send you the URL, is that correct?

Sue Swift said...

Roy - nice to hear from you again. I envy you the mountain retreat.

Jodi - yes, I only found your blog recently too, but have been visiting regularly. Re the carnival -that's right. Send me the URL of a post you've really enjoyed. For more info, click on the link in this post and it will take you to the original announcement.

Zut Alors said...

OMG I hate those BLOODY bugs!!!!!

I used to think they were cute until I woke up one morning to find my plants replaced by caterpillar poo and bare sticks in the ground.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Sue,

I came over to see the Carnival but saw this post and although I'm not very technical, I'd noticed this, too. It happens when someone has put a poll on their blog. The poll site sticks itself in between the post you were reading and the spot you're trying to get back to.

I've started using the button next to the Back button, the little one with the down arrow, made the list of recently visited sites drop down, and got back that way.

And that feeling of being hijacked is annoying!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Sue Swift said...

Annie - thank you. I've taken the poll off and the problem is resolved.
Yes, I'd discovered how to get round it with the drop down menu the other day. I was bemoaning the problem and my son gave me a withering glance (one of those "Why can't mothers learn to use the computer?" glances) and pointed out the little triangle next to the back arrow. I'd never even noticed it.
Oh well, they do say that every new computer should come equipped with a five-year-old to show you how to use it ...

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