Sunday, July 06, 2008

Am I going colour blind?

One of my investments earlier this year was some Calla lilies (Zantedeschia). I've had one for four or five years now, but although each year it gives me a beautiful display of lush spotted leaves, I've never yet had a flower. It's one of the large varieties and the flower should be white if it ever arrives, but I also like the smaller, coloured ones. So this year I splashed out on a deep, deep red variety and a bright yellow one. And here they are. This is the deep red one .... Don't those colours grab you?

Unfortunately I must be going colour blind, because all I can make out is the very, very slightest red blush around the tips of the petal - it's probably embarassment.

OK, they're still lovely and have been one of the things I've enjoyed most over the last few weeks. But it still drives me mad that descriptions on packets are so often false.

Ah well, I suppose life would be boring if it weren't for the occasional little surprise ....


Priscilla George said...

Sorry to hear that your red calla lily is not red at all. I had that happen with a blue columbine, it turned out white. Maybe the calla lily has reverted it's self back. It is still interesting. Next time buy when in bloom just to make sure if you don't like surprises

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sue ... that has happened to me too .. I imagine every gardener has had it happen at least once ? LOL
They are beautiful though with that slight blush of colour .. you have me thinking of them now ! darn ! LOL

Helen/patientgardener said...

I think they look lovely - blushing away.

Anonymous said...

Having plants bloom in the wrong color is happening too frequently lately. I think that the growers are just not being careful when they are are packing their product. Just this year alone, I have had a camellia, two daylilies, and a ruellea bloom the wrong color. It is often not possible to wait until plants are blooming to purchase them.
So, I share in your frustration. However, that is a lovely calla lily and seems to be a keeper.

Always Growing

Barbee' said...

I think Callas are one of the most beautiful and graceful of flowers. I have never had one, but I surely enjoy looking at yours. With the soft colors, I think it is elegant.

Anonymous said... least they're still beautiful, right?

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