Sunday, April 13, 2008


We've had a cold start to spring. For the last two weeks temperatures have been down as low as 6°C, and it's been mostly overcast and rainy. Crazy when on the first Sunday of March it was 22° and I sat out on the balcony in only a T-shirt (well, a couple of other things too, but you know what I mean). Lots of things which seemed about to burst into flower at the end of the month have changed their minds and continue to sit in their containers tightly budded up. Can't say I blame them. I've gone back into my winter woollies.

And then suddenly today the sun came out. Only for a couple of hours, and it was still quite chilly, but with Gardener's Bloom Day in mind, I rushed out to take photos. And found the sunlight streaming through the new green leaves of the horse chestnuts opposite the balcony.


growingagardenindavis said...

What a beautiful bright, fresh green...that's a great view from your balcony!

Nancy said...

I've always loved that shade of green... when I see it, I almost want to take a bite of it, as it's so delicious!

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