Monday, June 09, 2008

What a difference some flowers make ...

One of the comments I get fairly often here is You must have a really big balcony. But I don't really think I have a lot of space. Disregarding the office balcony, where I've only got a couple of containers, here at home I have two balconies - each 10x1m. Twenty square metres in all - not really a huge amount of space.

But it's enormous in comparison to what I'd have if I lived on the ground floor. Whereas from the first floor up every flat has at least one balcony, on the ground floor they only have a windowsill.

Welcome to Colditz.

But one of my neighbours has proved that you can have a garden even in the most limited amount of space. The windows in the photo above are on the right as you face the front door. Here's the identical view to the left.

What a difference a few flowers make.


Terra said...

A few flowers make all the difference between joy and despair.
Hello to you in Italy; I visited Florence and Rome and saw so much great art and architecture.

themanicgardener said...

Wow--the bare balcony looks pretty bleak, but the flowers against the grey wall are stunning.

I peeked at your profile--you're teaching EFL? I did it in Japan for 3 years, but it sounds as though you're teaching teachers, too. More power to you!

BTW, in Japan, everyone has a balcony, because that's where you dry clothes.

VioletSky said...

I don't think I could ever live in an apartment without a balcony. (for flowers and clothes drying!)

And when it is too hot to sit outside it is a joy to see the flowers through the windows. My windows are 3' above the floor, so I started getting grasses a couple of years ago for the height and so that I could see them waving in the breeze.

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