Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blast from the past Tuesday : The Only Garden Tool You'll Ever Need ...

This week's Blast from the Past is from April 2008 and is in memory of our little Hamster Helper Benji, who sadly died before the year was out.

What's your favourite garden tool? Carol has her hoes and Hannah was recently waxing lyrical about a new lawnmower, but neither of those would be much use on a balcony. The garden tool I wouldn't be without is my Hamster Helper.

Whatever the job, your Hamster Helper will be up to it. Want to thin out some seedlings? Switch Hamster Helper to the "eat" function.

Need to pot up some new plants? Throw away that trowel! With Hamster Helper on "dig", the containers are ready in no time.

And if you have shrubs to prune, you'll never again have the problem of those secateurs letting you down at the last moment. Just place your Hamster Helper on "gnaw" and watch the twigs fall.

Small enough to slip into your pocket as you work in the garden, Hamster Helper is cheap, clean and easy to run. Powered largely by sunflower seeds, she'll run for hours with no effect at all on your electricity bills.

Hamster helper comes in two versions. Shown here is the smaller dwarf variety, which comes in a variety of colours and is ideal on the balcony. For the extra power needed for garden use, you may prefer the larger, golden variety.

Don't delay - check out Hamster Helper at your local pet shop today!

PS. Thanks to Benji for posing for the photos, and for not biting me once while we faffed about with the camera. David Attenborough, eat your heart out...

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Autumn Belle said...

That's a very cute hamster. Very useful too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You got a chuckle out of me! That Hamster Helper is so darn cute and seeing him made me miss my Max (our hamster helper). We had him for 3 years and then he died. He was actually old for a hamster. He even got gray hairs! What a fun, furry friend you've got!

Carolyn Parker said...


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